Is the website secure for purchases?

Response: Yes!! Our site is 100% safe and secure.

You can purchase on our site without the fear of your personal information getting into the hands of crooks. Both our website and the database, which houses the personal information of our clients, are secured via SSL technology.

A padlock icon that appears at the bottom of your browser window when you enter our site’s shopping cart and checkout section indicates that information entered on that window would be encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Apart from above, we are verified by Norton Safe Web, from one of the largest anti-virus software company Symantec. is scanned on regular bases for computer threats, identity threats, and most of other major threats you may face when surfing on the Internet. To verify this, if you have Norton software installed on your pc and laptops, simply go to and search A delightful green button with white tick will show up beside the name of

Furthermore, we are scanned daily by McAfee Secure. We are tested and certified daily to pass McAfee security tests which help protect users from identity theft, viruses, spyware, and other major online threats. Here is the link for daily security status from McAfee,