Is there a newsletter of yours to which I can subscribe?

Response: Yes. All you need to do is to fill in your billing address and email address in the "Subscribe Newsletters" segment on our website. We will send you the latest newsletter every week.


How can I subscribe to your newsletters?

Response: Newsletters are regularly sent out for our latest AlwaysDirect products and promotions. In order to subscribe, you simply need to go to this link: and enter your email address there.


What do I need to do to unsubscribe from the AlwaysDirect newsletter?

Response: Follow the steps given below in case you counter any problem in unsubscribing:


  1. Check your most recent AlwaysDirect email newsletter and verify the exact email address to which the newsletter is being sent.
  2. Once your email address is verified, go to the unsubscribe page located at and unsubscribe again.

If you have any problem of unsubscribe, please contact us via, and our friendly staff will help you.