Returns/Warranty Claims


Manufacturer warranties and existing statutory conditions apply and are not superseded or overwritten by these Terms and Conditions. You may visit the ACCC website at for additional information on your consumer rights.


Order Changes and Cancellations

You can cancel or change any order before shipping without any fees involved.

We generally do not provide refunds or exchanges for incorrectly ordered goods that have been shipped. If we decide to accept non-faulty goods for a refund, a re-stocking fee of 25% may apply, and shipping cost with transit insurance is not refundable. Items located in third-party depots may be requested to return to Melbourne main warehouse. 


Return Authorisation

BEFORE returning any faulty goods to us you must contact us through

Where appropriate, we will issue you with a Return Form and provide with instructions on where to send the faulty item. The return offer is valid for 14 days from the date of issue, in which time the faulty goods must be received by our Customer Service Centre and the Return Form must be clearly displayed on the return package.

Buyers have the obligation to prove the status of the item(s) as required by the seller. Package damage or any dirt can be removed is not covered by warranty.

A replacement item or refund will only be shipped once the faulty item has been received and tested for the specific fault/problem specified in the Return / Warranty Claim.

Our Customer Service Team test for declared faults thoroughly. However, if they find the item to have no faults or intentional damage to the item, a $60 service fee may be charged and the non-faulty item will be shipped back to you at your expense.


Dead On Arrival (or "DOA") Products

A delivered product is determined to be DOA if it is not of acceptable quality when first removed from its original packaging. Our DOA policy is strictly 14 days from the Delivery Date. We will make a DOA determination with reference to the relevant legislation contained in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (formerly known as the Trade Practices Act 1974).

We will issue a full refund or a replacement to you for a DOA product if there has been a major failure. You have the discretion as to whether you receive a full refund or a replacement product in the event that there has been a major failure.


A major failure is defined as a product which:

  • has such a serious failure that, if you had been aware of the failure prior to purchase, you would not have made the purchase;
  • differs significantly from the descriptions given on the website;
  • is substantially unfit for the purpose for which the goods are generally used or for a purpose which you have made known to Alwaysdirect prior to purchase; or
  • is an unsafe product.


If the product is not of acceptable quality but only has a minor failure which can be fixed within a reasonable time, has the discretion to offer you a refund, repair or replace.

In the case of either a major or minor failure, will be responsible for the costs of you returning the product.

After the DOA period, a delivered product is determined to not to be of acceptable quality within the warranty period, a replacement will be provided in a reasonable time. Please allow similar delivery times for replacement products as for original products. If the item is no longer available, a full refund will be issued.

Warranty time varies. Most of the products are under 12 months manufacture warranties unless specified in the product description page. You may contact us to make sure the warranty period before purchase. 

Manufacturer Warranties

Many of our products are sold with a manufacturer's warranty, in the event of a defect. Many of our products are also accompanied by the promise of such services as Customer Support for technical troubleshooting or other issues. We encourage our customers to fully understand and take advantage of manufacturer warranties and promised Customer Support services. Should the manufacturer warranty and/or Customer Support services fail to rectify any problem, is prepared to issue a replacement product or provide a full refund of the purchase price in accordance with the preceding sections of these Terms and Conditions.