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6m x 3m Heavy Duty 0.8x25mm Galvanised Frame Walk-in PE Polytunnel Greenhouse

6m x 3m Heavy Duty 0.8x25mm Galvanised Frame Walk-in PE Polytunnel Greenhouse

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Greenhouses are designed for temporary seasonal storage and growth of herbs, plants flowers and seedlings. They also enable certain crops to be grown throughout the year.

Suitable for flowers, vegetables, fruits and transplants.


Product features:

* Increased humidity;

* Controllable environment via heating or cooling;

* Protection from extremes of temperature;

* Stronger frame;


Product specification:

* Size: 6m(l)x3m(w)x2m(h);

* Super strong 6-section design

* 140g transparent pe material with green checkers, UV protected.;

* 2 x double zipped doors with metal zip heads (enter from both ends);

* super strong 25mm galvanized anti-rust steel pole with 0.8mm thickness;

* With full ground bars and support bars on both sides.

* Front entrance / opening dimensions: 190 x 168 cm (approx)



2 Boxes, Flat Packed

Box A, 25kg, 161x47x20

Box B, 24kg, 118x27x15


Please note:

* This item is not warranted for damage due to wind or weather.

* We suggest that the item is anchored to the ground using an anchoring kit and also that a shallow trench is dug to submerge the item into the ground to provide additional stability.