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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Auto Door Opener Cage Closer Timer Light Sensor

Automatic Chicken Coop Door Auto Door Opener Cage Closer Timer Light Sensor

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Automatic chicken coop door

The automatic chicken coop door with LIGHT SENSOR and TIMER is built to last. The controller's advanced design and great components give you highly functional and reliable operation, ensuring your chickens get protected at night with a closed door and let out to enjoy the morning. The controller uses a light sensor to open or close when you want. The adjustable automatic light sensor uses the amount of daylight to activate the controller, allowing the door to open and close with dawn and dusk as the daylight hours change.

Powered by 4 AA batteries which should last 6 months or more (not included).

The solid Aluminium door is sturdy and does not bend or break in the event of a predator attempting to get your chickens at night.

Now you can have the freedom to not have to rush home in the evening to put the chickens away. Nor do you have to wake up early to let them out. Wake up when you want, grab a cup of coffee or tea, walk outside and watch your chickens already enjoying their day.


Features & details

Waterproof Shell

External button and LCD screen

With lumen for light sensor's working

With 4 types of light sensor and timer working mode



Working mode: light-sensitive and timer

Lid material: ABS

Door Material: Aluminum

Controller size: 14x10x7cm

Door box size: 61x 23x1cm

Battery 4 AA (not included)