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Double Stories Pitched Roof Aviary Bird Cage

Double Stories Pitched Roof Aviary Bird Cage

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  • Frame material: Metal
  • Non-toxic, durable, and safe Powder coated finish
  • Exterior Dimensions: W 97x D 73x H 192cm
  • Slide-out metal grill and tray
  • 2 Separate Cages
  • Interior Height: 28" Each cage
  • 2 front doors giving easy access to your pet
  • 4 Plastic Feeding containers
  • 4 wood Perches
  • Raised on castors for ease of use
  • Bar space: 1/2 "
  • Easy Assembly, no tools required

Best For Housing Small Birds: Such as Budgies, Parrotlets, etc. *


Flat packed 188x96x14cm / 47kg

* Please note that some parts may be slightly scratched or dented due to the transport process but are still very structurally sound.