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JANOEL Fully Automatic 24 Eggs Incubator

JANOEL Fully Automatic 24 Eggs Incubator

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This large incubator is a simple but high quality egg incubator. We have Australia's largest range of incubators. We also have other poultry equipment - from feeders and drinkers, to chicken coops. Please order online or collect from your local store (subject to availability).

Fully automatic 24 eggs incubator

These simple and reliable egg incubators are perfect for the families and business that want to start incubating chickens, ducks and goose. The simplicity design and functions let everybody manage incubate easily.

It features solid molded construction and all the built in electronics you need, which automatically control temperature, turn eggs, and it also comes with a humidity alarm to warn you if there is any mishaps with the chicks.

This incubator is designed for hatching 24 standard hen eggs.


Automatic Egg Turner - Turns the eggs every four hours, will liberate you from the most time-consuming job during hatching

Turbo Fan - Provides excellent air circulation and even the temperature.

Powerful Temperature automatically Control System -

- Temperature can be adjusted from 30°C to 42°C (makes this product suitable for almost all poultry)

- High accuracy, ± 0.1°C difference

- You can also set the temperature’s adjustable range for future hatching.

High quality PVC Construction with sturdy design

LED display


Capacity: 24 chicken eggs, 12 duck eggs, 24 bird eggs or 12 goose eggs

Dimensions 45x31x25cm

Power supply: 180~240V, 50/60Hz.

Power: 85W

Gross Weight: 4.5 KG approx

User manual


Egg Incubator X 1

SAA Plugs X 1

User Manual X 1

Measurement: 45*31*25cm


12 Month