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High Resolution LCD 7 inch Reverse Monitor

High Resolution LCD 7 inch Reverse Monitor

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With our excellent High Resolution LCD 7 inch Reverse Monitor, you can go astern easily. Besides, you can connect to any AV input Device and enjoy your trips!

Broad Display Digital High Resolution LCD 7" Reverse Monitor

You can connect up to 2 AV Channels, therefore you can connect to any AV input Device, i.e, DVD Players, CCTV Camera, Playstation, Xbox ... etc.
·Reflecting Surface, can be use as a Normal Reverse Mirror
·Auto Switch System - PAL and NTSC system
·TFT LCD display and can play DVD / VCD
·With Amplifier Sound and can play DVD / VCD, it'll be silent when you Reversing the car.
·Special Optic Lens setting and could substitute the original rear view mirror
·Automatically Change to Back Sight Channels, from DVD / VCD channel when Reversing the Car and will change back to DVD / VCD Channel once the car stop reversing
·Easy installation, just clip on your existing Mirror
·Remote Control

Product Key Details
Screen size
7" colour TFT
1440 (W) x 234 (H)
Nominal voltage
9-15V, red line: postive; black line: negative
Power consumption
7W Max
Auto reversing back-view shift (mirror)