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Multi Dog Pet Training System Tame Transmitter Collar Remote Control NEW

Multi Dog Pet Training System Tame Transmitter Collar Remote Control NEW

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Is your dog out of control? Do you find it is difficult to train him/her with using orthodox methods? You are not alone. Many dogs simply do not respond to traditional training methods which is why many owners and trainers have used training tool to assist them in their training programs. As we all know an out-of-control dog can be a danger to themselves and others. This training collars can be used for the purpose of training to eliminate problematic behavior in your dog. Through the remote control transmitter; the receiver collar has an immediate effect to the pet; a direct link is established between the vibration or static impulse and the bad behavior. Because the warning/punishment is used when moment bad behavior is displayed. It is no longer necessary to use a loud, angry voice with the dog, or to strike him with a leash.


1. Multi-dog training system--Expandable to three-dog operation

2. Train up to three dogs from the same transmitter (purchase extra receivers separately).

3. Range up to 600M on open air(1000M optional)

4. 3 modes for correction and training--Tone, vibration and stimulation

5. 50 levels for each model.

6. Free combination among Tone, vibration and stimulation.

7. 3 group memories for each dog.

8. 1.5inch LCD digital display for instruction

9. The collar length is adjustable

10. Lightweight and non-obtrusive collar

11. Low power consumption for long life battery.

12. Advanced high-tech Microchip and RF modules


1. 9V alkaline battery replaceable for transmitter

2. 2xAAA alkaline battery for the receiver

3. Frequency: 433.92MHz

4. Handset size: 11 x 5 x 2.8cm

5. Handset weight: 77g

6. Collar length adjustable from 30cm to 52cm

7. Collar weight: 87g

8. Color: Black

Package includes:

1 x Remote Control Transmitter

1 x Collar

1 x Antenna

2 x AAA 1.5V Battery

1 x 9V Battery

1 x Test Light

2 x Long Electric Antenna

2 x Short Electric Antenna

1 x English Manual