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Office Kneeling Chair - ergonomic design

Office Kneeling Chair - ergonomic design

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The Office Kneeling Chair is specifically designed to alleviate all that unhealthy pressure that builds up during your day at work. Anyone who works in an office environment knows that hours spent at your desk amounts to pressure being placed on your back, neck, shoulders and hips. It can be uncomfortable, and even become unbearable.

But the Office Kneeling Chair works by altering your body position and posture â€?your hips will be gently eased forward, taking pressure off your shoulders, back and neck as well. This improves posture and aches, as well as benefiting your spine’s alignment, leaving you feeling better at the end of the working day.

Made from durable, quality materials, and is fully height-adjustable to conform to your body. The chair features wheels to keep you fully mobile, as well as a backrest for comfort.

Seat height adjustable: 50cm to 68cm