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Rectangular SMC Shower Tray Base 1200x800x40mm White + Waste

Rectangular SMC Shower Tray Base 1200x800x40mm White + Waste

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High-quality shower tray for a shower with a base area of 120 x 80 cm.

This extremely flat shower tray has a very low profile of 4 cm ensuring easy entry and exit.



Sheet Moulding Compound: Special plastic alloys that have high resistance.

The material is easy to clean and maintain

With high hygienic factors, resistance to high temperatures, great stability, and UV resistance that prevents discolouration

With a simple slimline design, lightweight, self-supporting, and easy to install.

Gloss finish



Size: 1200x800x40mm

Weight: 18kg

Warranty: 1-year product replacement

The waste fittings are included



Gross weight 18kg

Box A 120*80*5

Box B 9*9*9