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Pre-order Wall-Mount Basketball Backboard Height Adjustable 136x81cm

Pre-order Wall-Mount Basketball Backboard Height Adjustable 136x81cm

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Wall-Mount Basketball Backboard Height Adjustable 136x81cm



  • Wall-Mount backboard
  • Plug Bolts to connect the unit to the mounting surface are included. Consult an engineer before installing
  • The frame provides 70cm clearance between the backboard and the mounting surface.
  • Flex rim with spring action system
  • 70cm adjustable height range using a screw jack system.
  • 136(W)x 81(H)cm acrylic backboard with zinc plated protection surround
  • Extra PE protection pads at the bottom corners of the backboard



  • Size of backboard:136(W)x 81(H)cm
  • Mounting frame dimension 75(L)x52(W)cm
  • Rim diameter: 45cm inner, 48cm outer diameter(international standard size)
  • Height range adjustable: 70cm (approx)
  • Max clearance from the wall: 70cm (approx)
  • Thickness of Backboard: 2.7mm (approx)
  • Set weight: 34kg (approx)



140x84x21cm 35kg approx


Caution: Consult a structural engineer or builder on the mounting of the unit and the hardware required.


12 Months Replacement Warranty.

The warranty does not cover paint damage, rust, corrosion, any modification, normal wear and tear, improper assembly or maintenance. Costs such as installation, assembly, disassembly, transport, etc. are not covered by the warranty.

We recommend applying rust preventative either before assembly or within 1-2 weeks of the assembly to minimize rust or corrosion due to exposure to weather elements.