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Weather Station with USB Free Shipping

Weather Station with USB Free Shipping

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  • 1. Time(12/24) and calendar display:
  • Time, Date, Year, alarm Set, Snooze
  • 2. Indoor temperature(°C/°F) and humidity â€?Hi/Lo alarm
  • 3. Integrated outdoor sensor temp(°C/°F) and humidity â€?Hi/Lo alarm
  • 4. Outdoor dew point, AT, and Feels like â€?Hi/Lo alarm
  • 5. Wind speed and gust display(m/s, km/h, mph, knots bft) â€?Hi alarm
  • 6. Wind direction icon and data display
  • 7. Weather forecast (Sunny, partly cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy), Moon Phase
  • 8. Barometric Pressure display (mmhg, inHg or hPa.): ABS or REL â€?Hi Alarm
  • 9. Rainfall data (inch or mm): 1h, 24 hours, week, month, and total â€?Hi Alarm
  • 10. Display console 3 levels of adjustable backlight
  • 11. Min/Max Records with manually clear or 24hrs automatically clear
  • 12. Manually calibration of in/outdoor temp, humidity, pressure, wind speed, rainfall
  • 13. History graph display of in/outdoor temp, humidity, pressure, wind speed, rainfall
  • 14. Changing the backlight with different ranges of temperature and humidity
  • 15. Solar Power-Solar panel doesn’t charge the battery and it is an auxiliary power supply
  • 16. Integrated Outdoor Sensor Low power indicator
  • 17. Wall hanging or desk freestanding
  • 18. PC connection with windows system software
  • 19. Upload real-time weather data to pc software
  • 20. Inside memory for over 5000 groups of data


  • 1. Outdoor temperature range: -40