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700N Max Automatic Garage Roller Door Opener Motor

700N Max Automatic Garage Roller Door Opener Motor

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This sturdy and weather durable wooden Rabbit Hutch is double level for double the comfort! The downstairs open-air living area consisting of 2 sections, with one half shaded by upstairs and the other half open to sunlight, your pets will enjoy it!

700N Max Automatic Garage Roller Door Opener Motor

Automatic Garage Roller Door Motor


  • Supports door sizes up to 5m high, 3.5m wide (up to 50kg)
  • Includes wireless door button
  • SMT PCB control system
  • Over current fuse
  • Waterproof design
  • Seperate control unit and mechanism
  • Double disengage device for easy manual and auto operation
  • Removable drum fork
  • Rolling code remote control
  • Aluminium Drive Unit
  • Distance between curtain and bracket: 240mm
  • Distance between curtain and wall required: 50mm


  • 230V, 50Hz
  • Power: 300W
  • Lift Force Max: 700N
  • Lift Speed: 12cm/s
  • Protection Grade: IP53
  • Max Travel: 5m
  • Autoclose time: 3min
  • Weight: 7kg

* Model Code: HUH-AP

Please Note: Only the roller door mechanism and associated remotes & wireless door button included. Actual garage door is NOT included