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Resistance Exercise Fitness Tension Bands Set Abs Yoga Pilates Gym Workout

Resistance Exercise Fitness Tension Bands Set Abs Yoga Pilates Gym Workout

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Product Description:

Resistance Bands are a very popular piece of fitness equipment used for strength training, muscle toning and fat burning workouts. Our resistance band kit comes with 5 elastic tubes with varying levels of resistance. Handles and Velcro straps are included that will attach to the exercise bands to enable a wide variety of exercises.

When performing exercises with resistance bands the band is usually secured or wrapped around a stationary object to allow you to pull or push against the bands.5 resistance bands are included in this kit. Each band has a different level of resistance to enable you to progress in your workouts. Multiple bands can be used at the same time to increase the tension and have a more intense exercise. Almost any exercise can be performed with the exercise bands, from bicep curls to shoulder presses to squats.

Resistance bands are perfect for working out anywhere and for those that want to burn fat and build muscle.

Resistance Bands Benefits:

  • Wide variety of exercises
  • Easily take the resistance bands with you while traveling
  • Adds variety to your fitness program
  • Workouts can be performed anywhere, no more waiting in lines at gyms for equipment
  • Muscle can be built along with fat being burned

Resistance Bands Specifications:

  • 5 resistance bands included
  • 2 handles
  • 2 Velcro straps
  • Mesh carrying case included
  • Yellow (Very Light Resistance) 2-5lbs
  • Green (Light Resistance) 5-8lbs
  • Red (Medium Resistance) 8-12lbs
  • Blue (Heavy Resistance) 12-16lbs
  • Black (Extra Heavy Resistance) 16-20lbs