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  • Collar is manufactured from Lexan plastic unlike the cheaper collars on the market that use very thin plastic
  • On/off button saves your battery life
  • Quality strap and buckle
  • Microphone sensor to detect barking
  • Light indicator for battery and operation


1. Spray bark collars can effectively reduce nuisance barking, the vibration and frequency of the pitch of the dogs bark will trigger the collars sensor receptor. It will then activate the collar releasing a citrus spray as a distraction to stop the dog barking. The combination of the burst of spray coupled with the citrus smell make for an effective deterrent. (The citrus spray is harmless to pets and humans when used as directed and is environmentally friendly.)

2. When the green indicator light flashes once every 5 seconds, the unit is operating as normal. When the yellow indicator light flashes 5 times every 5 seconds the collar spray level is low and needs refilling.

3. The collars energy consumption is minimal with an average battery life of 2-4 months depending on the situation. The original battery’s life can be comparatively shorter when the collar is first worn by the dog as they will still be in an initial learning phase.

4. The citrus fragrance is made from natural essential oils, without CFC ingredients making this an environmentally friendly product harmless to pets and humans.

5. The collar can be effective in a short space of time without time consuming training.

6. A compact collar with a large spray capacity of approximately 25 sprays per fill compared to some brands.

7. It is recommended that you gradually introduce the collar to the dog. To do this we suggest that the dog wear the collar for up to one to two weeks, on and off to allow the dog to become comfortable with wearing the collar prior to the collar being turned on. This enables the dog to establish the collar as just another collar allowing the spray to be associated with the barking only.

8. When used as stated most dogs will be conditioned to reduce their barking to a point where they will no longer be required to use the collar. In the same manner as you introduced the collar to the dog we recommend you gradually phase out the use of the collar by turning the collar off but still allowing the dog to wear the collar for a few weeks before discontinuing its use.

9. On occasions some dogs will sulk, others may be agitated by the disruption of the spray. This is due to the fact that they are no longer able to do as they choose. They will learn to accept this with time.

This package comes with :

1x Citronella spray bark control collar

1x adjustable strap

1x 85g Citronella refill

1x 6V 4LR44/L1325 battery

1x instruction manual

Current available colour: Red