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Swimming Pool spa solar cover 3.6 x 7.3m

Swimming Pool spa solar cover 3.6 x 7.3m

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Swimming Pool Spar Solar Cover - 7.3m x 3.6m

All of our pool covers are SMART WATERMARK approved !

Pool cover: 3.6m x 7.3m
You can cut this to the size and shape you require.

How can we undercut all our competitors by so much?
You are buying directly from the importers' warehouse (us !) , we have no fancy showrooms and no sales offices spread around the country that we need to pay for so you get the lowest possible prices for the same product you find for around double the price in overpriced pool shops !

Why use a solar pool cover?

1) Increases pool water temperature by 4 to 6 degrees Celsius
2) Reduces heat loss
3) Retains gained heat
4) Provides insulation against cold overnight air temperatures
5) Prevents condensation on enclosed swimming pools
6) Reduces water evaporation by up to 97%
7) Savings of up to 50% on pool chemicals
8) Prevents leaves and dust from entering the pool

These heavy duty covers are made from the highest quality 400 micron material which is salt, chlorine and sunproof.


  • Carefully packaged for peace of mind delivery
  • Size: 60*30*40cm approx
  • Weight: 12kg approx