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Wire Fencing Strainer Electric Fence Energiser

Wire Fencing Strainer Electric Fence Energiser

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Wire Fence Strainer- holds tension up to 1000kg

Having trouble keeping your livestock in the right place? This new Wire Fence Strainer is a must have to make short work of building or repairing wire fences.

Fitted with a swivel for right or left handed operation, it is capable of holding a tension of up to 1000kg on both plain and barbed wires. Building or repairing fences will now become a simple task. It's tough, durable, easy to use and will always get the job done. Keep your animals fenced in the easy way.

Buy a Wire Fence Strainer today!


* Strong alloy construction and lightweight

* Suitable for wire with diameter 1.5mm to 5.0mm

* Compatible with both plain and barbed wire

* Swivels for left or right-handed operation

* Durable 1.2m chain

* Holds tension up to 1000kg


* 1 x Wire Fence Strainer